Sharing Space: The Benefits of Having Roommates

Roomates hanging out at the living room

Some people may have had bad experiences with roommates. But that should not deter anyone from pursuing better housing conditions. For example, a tiny and cramped apartment in Brisbane is obviously more uncomfortable than the new homes in Townsville that are currently being rented out. One of the ways to afford housing like that is by having roommates.

Here are some of the advantages of having roommates aside from sharing housing costs.


While it is not always the case that your roommates share the same workplace with you, it still gives you an opportunity to save on gas and transportation expenses. You can carpool to other places together, say the grocery store or the shopping centre if you need to go at the same time. Also, carpooling allows people to bond more, and may result in fostered friendships.

Deterrent for Intruders

Roommates who have different work schedules receive an unexpected blessing in the form of accidental security. There is less chance of any would-be intruders making off with household and personal belongings if someone is always home, ensuring a much safer space for all of the members of the household.

Food Buddies

Having roommates can bring one of the greatest perks to the household: having food buddies. Food buddies are not only there to share the bill with; they can also keep you company while eating, resulting in a better meal experience.

Pet Sitters

While far and few in between, there are rented spaces that allow tenants to bring their pets. Having roommates who do not mind animals guarantees you that you will always have someone looking after your furry friends when you have to go somewhere. The same way, you can also trust your roommates to water your potted plants when you are on a vacation or a business trip.

Physical and Emotional Support

Living alone can be pretty lonesome, something that can be avoided with roommates. Roommates are not just comrades to share household responsibilities, like paying bills and doing chores. They can also act as your anchor through difficult times when you grow close enough to each other. Additionally, you can expect your roommates to have your back and keep you company when on a night out.

Spare Key

Misplacing or leaving the house keys is a common incident. If paired with more responsible roommates, you can expect to never be locked out again. This saves you from going through the hassle of contacting a locksmith or the landlord.

Split Fees

This is the most well-known advantage of having roommates: lesser expenses. This not only applies to rent, but it can also encompass other household necessities, like utilities and groceries. If lucky enough, you can even split the costs of media apps, like Netflix or Spotify.

The horror stories about terrible roommates should not scare off people from wanting to live in a bigger and more comfortable place. While having roommates does mean less space for you, it also guarantees that you can have constant companionship and other benefits for the duration of your stay.