Signs Your House Has Foundation Problems

house under repair outsideAfter years of comfortable living in your house, you may notice an unusual crack on the wall or perhaps the door won’t shut the way it was before. Whether you are living in a metropolitan area or around a mountainous region, houses need repair. Most homeowners are saving money in case they need a foundation repair service near Denver. It’s better to have experts inspect the foundation of your house if you see any of these signs of damage.

Cracks or Gaps

The most visible sign that the foundation of your house has problems are the cracks or gaps on the wall. At some point, you might see a zigzag crack on the smooth, concrete drywall. At nighttime, you may notice a beam of light from the adjacent room seeping between the gaps of the wall that is made of wood.

Doors and Windows

Notice that screeching sound while you try very hard to shut the door or sliding window? Do these old-fashioned casement windows installed in your room won’t fully close and you’re pretty sure it’s not a rust problem?

Uneven Flooring

There may be times that you won’t see any cracks in the wall. But then it feels like the floors are uneven or perhaps have some slopes. Another sign would be an unexplained broken tile or marble where no one would admit they have accidentally cracked.

Wooden Walls

Of course, wooden walls don’t crack like concrete or brick walls do, but they can still split, shrink and swell. You can still see signs that could suggest a problem with the foundation of your house. For instance, if the seamlessly installed wallpaper starts to crumble and wrinkle, some change in the foundation posts or walls have occurred. Another sign would be the nails starting to pop out.

When you see one or two of these signs, do not wait for these small issues to become a major problem. Call a trusted construction company who can readily help and fix the foundation problems for your house.