Simple Hacks on Repairing Your Own Hot Water System

Hot Water Repair in Perth

Hot Water Repair in PerthIf your hot water system is not working properly or it has a leakage, it is best to ask for professional help. But, what if the emergency happened in the middle of the night and you got no one to call for assistance? This is the reason it is always a great idea to have knowledge on hot water system repairs in Perth.

Not only it helps you save time and money, but also lessen the stress that a malfunctioned equipment brings. According to Pacer Plumbing, there are two common types of problems with a malfunctioned hot water heater. It is either they produce water that is too hot or not hot enough. You can easily adjust the temperature dial of the water heater, and then see the temperature of the water at the faucet.

What to do if hot water is too hot?

The first thing that you should do if your system produces too hot water is lower down the temperature. Take note of the present setting or better yet mark it. Then turn it to a cooler setting. You can wait up to an hour or two, and check if the problem is resolved.

What to do if the water is not hot enough?

You need to make sure that the water heater is not leaking. Try flushing the water heater tank to make sure that mineral deposits are not dropping the system’s efficiency. You can also test the temperature-pressure valve to keep the pressure from building up in the boiler and to ensure it is in proper working condition. Lift its handle and take note that water should ditch from the excess pipe.

You can also lessen the energy it takes to heat water by insulating the water pipes. This is applicable if your heater is too far from your faucets. This way you can access your hot water system pipes, from your basement.