Six of the Best Reasons to Live in Brisbane

girl holding australian flag

girl holding australian flagBrisbane is the capital of the sunshine state of Australia, Queensland. It is known for its many tourist attractions, friendly communities and rich biodiversity. One of the famous destinations in Brisbane is Bribie Island and the most-visited surf spot, Ocean Beach.

Brisbane is also known for having many festivals and celebrations. The city and its locals have a relaxed vibe and easy-going attitude. Beyond the warm and welcoming atmosphere, a lot of opportunities are also waiting to be discovered.

Here are other reasons to get you motivated to live in Brisbane.

It Is the Sunshine Capital for a Reason

Brisbane’s weather is generally warm and sunny. The city has more sunny days per year than any other Australian city. The climate is very comfortable, so people like to relax and unwind outdoors. They usually gather in their patio to have a little barbecue party.  The community is very bright and welcoming that every day feels like a celebration.

Lower Cost of Living

The cost of living in Brisbane is affordable. More houses are being built because of the relatively cheaper prices and larger lots here. You can easily build two-storey homes with carports in Brisbane without spending all of your life savings.

Even international students choose the city because of the cheaper house rental prices. Produce and other basic commodities are also more affordable, making Brisbane an ideal place to start a family.

Cultural Diversity

little girl playing with kangaroo

Most international visitors fall in love with the beauty of Brisbane. Besides the welcoming and friendly locals, most people residing here came from different backgrounds and cultures. Most international students also choose to stay in Brisbane after studying.

Moreover, Brisbane holds different festivals to celebrate a variety of cultures. They dedicate a whole month to celebrate multiculturalism. Other festivals include BrisAsia Festival, Paniyiri Greek Festival and Spanish Film Festival.

Thriving Art and Music Scene

The local scene of Brisbane usually has people gathered listening to music and exchanging ideas. The artist community here is alive and thriving. Brisbane houses many art museums and galleries such as the Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Museum and Sciencentre, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts and many more. These places usually offer theatre shows, cabaret and music events.

When it comes to the live music scene, Fortitude Valley holds the largest annual music event in Australia, the BigSound Music Festival and Industry.

Beach Life

Most people who live in the city do not have time to go to the beach to unwind. That is not the case in Brisbane. The city is close to many beaches and islands. Cylinder Beach, Main Beach, and Surfside and Honeymoon Bay are around 40 to 60 minutes away from the centre of Brisbane.

Ocean Beach, one of the most visited surf spot in Australia, is also near. Besides the beach life, Brisbane is close to some theme parks, the Great Barrier Reef, and Daintree Forest.


The economy in Brisbane is robust. There are many business and job opportunities here. Major Australian companies have home offices in Brisbane, which is why the city is considered as one of the country’s major business hubs.

Moreover, the city offers quality and accessible education. Families with kids or international students want to enroll in the University of Queensland because of the world-class education it provides its students.

Brisbane will always be in the top spot when it comes to the best city to live in Australia. For families, millennials or thriving entrepreneurs, this city is a safe environment that would offer anyone a home, family and a supportive community.