Sliding Into Style: Why More Homes Are Getting Indoor Sliding Doors

Modern sliding door

Modern sliding doorSliding doors are often made with glass and metal framing, though some also use wood or wood composites as frames, and can often be seen in patios and beach resorts. As such, when we talk about sliding doors, we often picture it out in entryways instead of inside our homes. However, sliding doors could make excellent internal doors for your home in Australia. So let’s take a look at why more homes are getting indoor sliding doors:

Stylish and Versatile

Sliding doors can fit any room and setting as they come in different styles and materials, depending on your preference and home design. You can use oak or wooden (or sturdier wooden composite) sliding doors for your kitchen or living room, and glass and metal ones for other parts of your home. There’s no denying that sliding doors look and feel a lot more modern and stylish than regular swinging ones.

All About Space

Sliding doors require less space when installed and used, and also creates the impression of more space. These doors don’t swing in or out so they take up less space when opened or close, which could be a life-saver especially if you live in a smaller home, or if your home is already crammed up with items.

Fewer Accidents

Sliding doors are a lot safer for indoor entryways since they don’t swing open or close. We’ve seen it time and time again in movies and shows, and may even have experienced it in real life, where someone on the opposite side gets hit by a swinging door. With glass doors, you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids (or your limbs) getting hit by bulky and heavy wooden doors.


Most sliding doors are made either of glass or metal, unlike traditional swinging doors that are often made of natural or manufactured wood which entails cutting of trees. Metal and glass doors use recyclable, and even sometimes recycled materials.

Better Lighting

Home with glass sliding doorsHaving glass (transparent) sliding doors in your hallways can help with your indoor lighting. It won’t obstruct light, so you wouldn’t need as much lighting fixtures all over your home, and can use natural light much better, thus allowing you to save more on energy and lighting equipment.

Elegant Air Flow

I know what you’re thinking, a regular swinging door can be opened to promote airflow within the house. However, you’d have to agree that an open swinging door is somehow unsightly, and can cover the shelf or area it swings towards, and there may even be a need for you to put a wedge or stopper to keep it open. In hot summer days, you can keep your sliding doors open to the air flow within and around your house without having to wedge it in to keep them open, and you wouldn’t have to be bothered by the look of an ajar swinging door.

Easier Cleaning and Maintenance

Unlike traditional swinging doors, sliding doors are generally easier to clean and easier to fix than conventional doors; glass or metal doors don’t warp with moisture and humidity or can be eaten away by termites. You need to wipe off any stains with a wet piece of cloth, no need to watch out for water and chemicals damaging your wooden doors when you clean them. However, if you do opt to have wooden-framed sliding doors, make sure to invest in high-quality and resistant wood to ensure they last longer and won’t require much maintenance.


Sliding doors have become more and more popular for homeowners, and for a good reason: they’re an excellent alternative to swinging doors and can provide certain features and advantages that regular swinging doors don’t. So if you’re looking to renovate your home, or you’re still planning your future home’s design, incorporating sliding doors would be a great idea.