Smart Design Ideas for Shared Kids Bedroom

Kids Bedroom

Kids BedroomMany families in the U.S. have more than one kid, but not enough room in the house. If you don’t have the space to give your child individual bedrooms, make do with a shared bedroom. How do you cram two kids in one room, give them privacy, and retain their sense of personal style? Here are some practical and stylish design ideas:
•    Seeing Double – Use a discreet pocket door to divide the space. You can also choose beds with storage compartments below, which you can use for seasonal clothing, sheets, and blankets.

•    Rolling with the Punches – Smart furniture choices is the key to smart shared bedroom designs. Consider a roll out bed, so that your kids will have more space during daytime. Interior designers and mattress suppliers like The Mattress Department recommend getting a twin mattress instead of a full, queen, or king to maximize space for two or more kids.

•    Bunking Up – When talking about shared bedrooms, many think of bunk beds right away since they help open up space and give more room for playtime and storage.

•    Splitting Space – Even though you can’t give your kids their own rooms, you can make a personal space for them even in a shared room. Concealed internal sliding doors can make a big difference. You can also choose curtains to section off personal spaces. All you need is to choose materials that reflect your kids’ personal style.

•    Bookshelves Divider – Does your children love books and have tons of them at home? Why not use a bookcase and back it up against a bedframe with the shelving facing outwards to separate spaces. You can also use the back portion as a bedframe by painting it or covering it with fun wallpaper.

Sharing bedrooms can begin as early as four years old. For an easier transition, you can consider neutral wall colors and add pops of colors through the beddings, your kids’ artwork, toys, window treatments, and rugs.