Sneaky Ways to Hide Clutter and Eyesores in a Small Home

decluttering space in home

Every homeowner dreams of having a home that’s as organised and clutter-free as the ones pinned on their Pinterest boards. However, unless you have ample space in your home or can have an interior design firm here in Singapore do the work for you, keeping a tidy home will require more strategic storage solutions that will not eat up too much space.

That said, below are some practical storage solutions to help you camouflage your clutter creatively.

Embrace Baskets

If you live with a pet, roommate, messy spouse, or kids, or you are not exactly tidy yourself, stylish and durable baskets can be a godsend. The key is to place them in areas around your house where clutter usually accumulates. This is so you can quickly access them at a moment’s notice and dump nearby clutter inside every time you pass by.

Add Chic Storage in Your Entryway

Your foyer is and should be a place to welcome guests so it should be clean and free of clutter. Ensure a pleasing entry to your home by styling it with furniture pieces that will complement your home’s overall aesthetic and use as extra storage.

A nice chest of drawers is a great piece to place loose items quickly – think socks, toys lying around, and your dog’s chew toys. If you do not allow shoes inside your home but hate looking at piles of shoes in your entryway, a cabinet or shoe rack is an easy and clever solution to this dilemma.

Consider Ottomans with Hidden Storage

Ottomans come in many different styles, colours, and fabrics imaginable and they are masters at hiding clutter and making quick clean-up a breeze. Consider a large ottoman for bigger-sized items or a couple of tinier ones as your coffee table for organising daily chaos.

Assign an ottoman for magazines or books, throws, toys, and odds and ends. You could de-clutter them one by one or every three days or so or weekly the most to prevent clutter from piling up inside and making your ottomans unusable.

Conceal it with a Screen

home storage

A free-standing and stylish folding panel or screen can be used for hiding storage overflow, sporting goods, bulky and unsightly items, and just about anything you can conceal behind it. They come in a broad range of materials, sizes, colours and styles.

These make it very easy to choose one that will camouflage whatever eyesore you want instantly hidden. When not in use, you can store it folded in a corner or inside a closet.

When using these instant clutter storage solutions – whether handy baskets, ottomans or cabinets overflow is bound to happen. So, before you even reach this point, make sure that you have a strategy in mind for tackling clutter overflow.

For example, you can allot even five minutes every single day to look through your storage pieces to keep them functional. Keep in mind that your temporary storage solutions will only be as usable as the space inside them, so make sure to keep it organised and clear to ensure that you always have space somewhere to for hiding eyesores and clutter.