So You Want to Start Learning How to Dance? Read This First!

Learning How to Dance Dancing is a good alternative to gym workouts, whether you consider yourself good at it or not. Being able to exercise with music can have several benefits, says Huffington Post. Other than personal benefits, dancing can also be a nice social activity.

Not the dancing by yourself is not as fun.

Actually, if you are a shy person who thinks they are not good enough to dance with other people you can start by dancing with yourself. After a while, dancing with other people will be less uncomfortable, not to mention that it will most likely improve your skills. Having other people teach, correct, or guide you can greatly affect your improvement.

Speaking of dance trainers, if you’re not as shy and you want to start learning as soon as possible, here are a few things to get you started.

Know what you want to learn.

Wanting to learn how to dance is different from knowing kind of dance you want to learn. There is a multitude of styles out there you probably want to learn, but take baby steps and choose the best you like.

You can decide to learn how to breakdance or ballroom dance or tap dance. You can start researching online and watch videos of dancers. They are going to be amazing but choose the style that you see yourself enjoy learning.

Stick to your decision and do your best to master that before moving on to another style if you wish.

Search for dance studio.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. You can probably find almost anything on it. That said, you can try to search for dance studios that are near or convenient for you to go to regularly. Look at reviews and make a list of the candidates.

While the Internet is an okay start, if you have a friend that dances, chances are they know a few studios. Tell them that you’ve decided to learn to dance and ask them if they know any good dance studios you can go to.

Visit the studio.

One thing that’s important to take note of is if you are comfortable to learn in any of the studios you’ve listed down. Being comfortable can help when learning new things, so visit the studios you’ve shortlisted and see if you like the people, place, ambiance.

Are the managers friendly and willing to help? Does the ambiance make you feel welcomed?

While you are at the studio, you can also inquire about their programs, staff, business times, and prices. Two birds with one stone. A good indicator of a good dance studio is their usage of software like The Studio Director, which means they have a lot of clients.

Get the right gear.

You can probably get away with using yoga pants and a t-shirt, but you could be learning ballet so you need ballet slippers. This is one of the things that depends on the dance style you want to learn.

Before buying any stuff, though, determine if they are worth the price. If you have money to spare you buy yourself an entire closet, but you’re just beginning so it might be better to get familiar with the stuff you need and want before going on a shopping spree.

This is also one of the things you can ask the managers of the dance studios you want to go to.

Schedule an appointment.

Once you’re ready, you can contact the studio of your choice and set an appointment (if they do appointments). Some studios may be using dance studio software to manage their students so try to learn that so it will be more convenient for you and your instructor.

And there, you’re all set. Just remember that to master a style you have to practice, practice, and practice. Remaining healthy will help, so eat well, sleep enough, and do cardio because you will need to strengthen your heart and lungs. Some dance styles will require you to develop arm and leg muscles so don’t skip on workouts. Also, practicing on your own won’t hurt.