The Specifics of an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa: A Guide for Applicants


investingTo jumpstart your application for an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa, research thoroughly about the general qualifications and requirements first. Meeting these requirements would allow you to become a Treaty Investor. Authorities assess applicants for the E-2 classification based on the following:


A treaty investor must be a bona fide citizen of a country that has a treaty of commerce and navigation with the US. This requires a proof of certification and other related documents on your nationality, in addition to your country’s treaty of commerce and navigation accreditation with the US.

Investment Activities

A treaty investor must be currently active in investing or have invested a significant amount of capital in a certified US enterprise. You would be required to prepare and, if ever, submit a copy of reports indicating your investment activities. It should also include information on other relevant certifications on the legibility and commercial status of the enterprise you are investing in or have invested in. encourages E-2 Treaty Investor Visa applicants to keep an updated copy of all investment-related documents to serve as proof in case authorities require them.

Enterprise Ownership

A treaty investor must have at least 50% proprietorship of the enterprise or possess the enterprise’s operational control as a manager or through other corporate device. This is to establish development and direction of the investment enterprise when entering the United States independently.

Amount of Capital

With respect to the overall cost of either establishing a new enterprise or purchasing an established one, the capital should be substantial to ensure financial commitment to the successful enterprise operation of the treaty investor.

To avoid being in a rush or spending much more than required, make sure you have secured all the necessary documents and supporting papers for your E-2 Treaty Investor application before filling out the forms. As much as possible, prepare and keep a copy of each of these documents. This is to avoid waste of time the moment you are asked to submit a duplicate copy.

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