Spring Colours for Your Home

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With the month of March well underway, the weather’s starting to look pleasant. The seasonal progression brings into mind the many renovation and maintenance projects you could undertake. Apart from getting duraceramic flooring and fixing roof problems, one thing you should consider when revamping the property is the colour palette you’d use.

flooring services

Here are some hues that suit the new season, recommended by authorities in the industry such as Pantone and Rocha Flooring:


Pantone declared cayenne as the “it” colour for springtime this year, and this is a tinge of red you’d find suitable in a lot of parts of your house. Cayenne is a bold hue, but the addition of this tinge to a room adds a unique statement.

Dazzling Blue

Blue is almost always a colour fit for any home. The splash of dazzling blue adds depth to a room, and this could energise the feel of a certain area set in the backdrop of neutral shades.

Violet Tulip

For kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom remodels, violet tulip should be one of your considerations. It’s the perfect symbolism for spring, when the flowers begin to blossom after the snowfall. It adds a slight summer feel, making it ideal to keep until the next season.

Materials are one thing, but take colour into account to ensure a true professional design.