Starting Your Own Motorcycle Repair Shop

Mechanics Working on Motorcycle Bike

Mechanics Working on Motorcycle BikeMotorcycle owners are part of a subculture of vehicle owners different from car owners. There is a reason a man would buy a motorcycle that costs more than two regular passenger cars. If you know and understand that reason, you are probably a part of the culture.

This is the first real test you should pass if you are planning to start a motorcycle repair shop. The more you know the culture, the more you understand bikers, and the higher the chances of success in running your shop.

Here’s how to get your motorcycle shop started:

Choose a Good Location

If it’s a small shop, you can start it at home, provided your garage is easy to find and it can be fitted with all the tools you need. You can also lease a space at a strip mall. As for a bigger, full-service shop, you need more space than your home garage or a strip mall store space can provide. The important thing is to place it in an adequately traffic-exposed area, particularly in an area where there are many biker groups.

Come up with a Business Plan

This will help you figure out the details, such as how much capital you’ll need, how you intend to raise the money, how you plan to make a profit, and so on. Don’t forget to budget for your leased space, the equipment and tools, employee salaries (if any), your own salary, etc.

Get the Money

You may start your business with your savings, if you have that kind of money. Start small if the funding dictates it. You can always expand in the future if the shop becomes a hit. Ask your bank for a loan. You may also talk to a few like-minded individuals regarding partnering up to start the shop.

Get Insured

It’s not just the insurance that you need; you need permits and other documentation that comes with starting a business. You can talk to an accountant or a lawyer if you need help regarding these. You should also be aware of your responsibilities to your customers. Your insurance should cover you in case you cause any damage to a customer’s bike.

Buy Your Equipment

You can’t run your shop without the equipment and tools. Some tools you probably already have in your box, but you may need more. It’s fine to buy used tools – wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. – but you should know which equipment you have to buy brand new. For example, you should be able to rely on your Titan 1500XLT lift to stay steady while you’re working on an expensive Harley.

It’s common for a motorcycle repair shop to be owned by a bike enthusiast. When you understand motorcycles and the way the culture works, bikers are more likely to trust you with the repair and maintenance of their beloved rides.