Stress, Accidents, and How it Affects Workplace Performance

Roadside Accident

Roadside AccidentMany people ignore the connection between stress and workplace accidents, which often puts them at a high risk for injuries and accidents. Understanding how stress in the job site affects safety can motivate you to calm down and reduce the chances of any untoward incidents taking place.

Stress and Slip-ups

Difficulty concentrating is but one of the many side effects of stress. You also can’t properly follow instructions and take necessary precautions. This puts you at higher risk of figuring in accidents.

Stress is an emotion you can experience in the office, at home, and practically anywhere else. Most of the time, your ability to perform a task not only depends on your skill and experience, but also on your stress levels. This is more apparent in high-risk occupations, such as those in construction or transport.

Stress and High-Risk Work

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 106 recorded worker fatalities at road construction sites in 2010, 122 in 2011, 133 in 2012, and 105 in 2013. California was in the top ranking states for road worker deaths.

The most common cause of these fatalities was pedestrian workers being hit by motor vehicles. Ask any San Jose construction accident lawyer, however, and you will know they’re not the only ones at risk.

While construction workers are often the group most vulnerable to site accidents and injuries, there are other possible victims. This includes people who work in buildings that are under construction and passersby.

Often, the reason behind these accidents is due to someone’s negligence, and this can often be traced back to stress. You’re too stressed out to pay attention to your surroundings, you ignore a safety protocol, you rush tasks because you’re way behind on deadlines, or you forget to return something to its proper place. All these are small issues that arise from stress and can lead to big headaches.

Being aware of your stress and its effects on your work performance is a great step in avoiding accidents, injuries, and even lawsuits.


  1. It may sound like a scene from Final Destination, but small things really can lead to big accidents. A loose screw, an unfastened chain, or a weak link can all lead to disasters.

  2. This is why it’s always important for everyone to stay alert. One small slip-up can lead to lawsuits. And judging by the trend nowadays, don’t be surprised if someone sues you for something as trivial as forgetting to put up a “Hard Hat Area” sign.

  3. Companies put up safety signs not just to comply with regulation and avoid legal problems. Their main goal there is to ensure everyone—from the workers to the pedestrian—is safe.

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