Sugars Everywhere: Taking Care of Your Kids’ Teeth This Holiday Season

Sweet foodsImages of candy canes, chocolate bars, and cookies may be playing around in your kids’ minds this holiday season. While you will make sure you limit their sugar intake, your children will surely be consuming their fair share of these treats during your family parties.

Still, there are ways to keep their teeth and gums safe from oral diseases.

Sugar everywhere!

Sugar is one of the enemies of your teeth. From cakes to candies, you can find sugar in every holiday treat. Consuming too much and not brushing your teeth afterwards prompts the bacteria to process the sugar into acid, destroying the tooth’s enamel.

You can confirm this with your family dentistry specialist in Sioux Falls. While your kids will not instantly find their teeth visibly damaged the moment they wake up the next day, it will eventually lead to having tooth decay if they do not practice good oral hygiene.

Moderation while having fun

Kids easily get carried away especially during the holiday season. With so many fun parties taking place, it is tough for them to turn any offer down. While it is fine for the kids to be part of the festive spirit, it is also wise to remind them to have fun in moderation.

Tell them the dangers of eating too much sugary treats. Of course, you do not want to get in the way of their happiness, but a simple reminder can be enough for them to control their sugar intake.

Make brushing and flossing a fun affair

Kids will always be kids. Rarely do you find them rushing to brush their teeth, let alone gargling. Help change that habit by making brushing a fun activity. From getting them an electric toothbrush to choosing colorful brushes, be sure to add fun so they will easily find time to do this routine.

Holidays can be a busy time for families, but that does not imply that you ignore your oral health. As a final tip, do not forget to visit professionals who are offering Sioux Falls family dentistry so you will have healthy teeth during the holidays!