Switching Name Tags: Requirements to Change Your Name

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Talk to lawyerThere will sometimes be circumstances wherein people will need to change their names. The Witness Protection Act, political statements, and divorce count among the most common reasons people choose to change their legal identity. But, even though its common practice, the process isn’t as easy as television and movies make it look – not the legal one at least.

The requirements to qualify for a name change are an easy set of rules that would only require time for anyone to accomplish. The requirements listed here are qualifications set by the State of Utah; legislation from other States may have similar items, but it’s better to err on the side of caution regarding such rules.

If there’s confusion regarding the wording or meaning of any of the rules, we recommend talking to lawyers like the ones at buhlerlawoffice.com who specialize in family and immigration law. In order for someone to legally change their name they first need to be at least eighteen, and have been living in the US for at least a year prior to filing the name change.

Easy enough, right? Now for the disqualifications. A person can’t file for a name change if they’re involved in any kind of lawsuit, probation, or parole. Sex offenders are also stuck with their names as per Sec. 77-41-106 of the Utah Code.

Likewise, people can’t change their names for “unworthy motives,” which include avoiding creditors and fines, or committing fraud. In addition, courts will not allow a person to change their name to something that’s bizarre, ridiculous, unduly lengthy, or offensive to common decency and good taste. Better luck next time, Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii.

These are just the requirements for people who want to get a name change; the actual process is a completely different story. Don’t confuse this post with legal advice, because there’s literally no advice written here. Talk to an actual lawyer because they know best, or go to a government website for more information.

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