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Signs Your House Has Foundation Problems

August 3, 2018

After years of comfortable living in your house, you may notice an unusual crack on the wall or perhaps the door won’t shut the way it was before. Whether you are living in a metropolitan […]

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Hire Pros Instead: 4 Reasons Not to Mow Your Own Lawn

March 1, 2018

Today’s do-it-yourself culture has grown due to the Internet. With the increase of blog and video tutorials, more people think that they could and should do everything themselves. Sometimes, however, DIY is not the way […]

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4 Easy Ways to Create More Space in Your House

November 23, 2016

Auckland has one of the most expensive properties in the world. According to NZ Herald, Auckland is the fifth least-affordable when it comes to housing among 367 cities, with an average price of $748,700. That […]

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Keeping the Fort: Maintenance Issues for Every Home

April 14, 2016

It is not secret that a house is one of anyone’s prized possessions. Abraham Maslow says that security ranks high in a person’s hierarchy of needs. A house provides for that need: shelter and security. […]

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Smart Design Ideas for Shared Kids Bedroom

January 10, 2016

Many families in the U.S. have more than one kid, but not enough room in the house. If you don’t have the space to give your child individual bedrooms, make do with a shared bedroom. […]

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Do Away with the Mold: Freeing Your Home from Decay

November 11, 2015

Colonies of mold typically start as tiny spores floating on air. When the spores land on a damp surface, they will grow. They thrive on bathroom walls and on deck boards exposed to humidity. This […]

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The Secret to Well-Maintained Windows

November 10, 2015

When it comes to home maintenance, regular window cleaning should be one of your priorities. Otherwise, your windows can become spotted and unattractive. To maintain your windows usefulness for years to come, here are some […]