Taste of Persia: Staple Iranian Foods People Love

persian foods

Persian cuisine is as old as the history of its nation. The dishes are delicate yet sophisticated with elaborate flavors. Iranian dishes are also diet-friendly and most have a very balanced taste. These characteristics make Persian food popular across the globe.

Today, Iranian cuisine is gaining popularity in multicultural cities. Many Persian restaurants in Los Angeles combine innovation with the essential elements of the ancient empire with enticing scents of saffron, rare spices, cinnamons, and roses.

persian foods

Below are some examples of staple Iranian foods:


Naan (bread) is a staple food of Iran. Naan is a round flat bread usually cooked over a bed of small stones. You can serve it for dipping or stuff it with different vegetables and meat. You can also place toppings on it.


Iranian dishes rely largely on berenj (rice). Persian rice is white and is of a long grain variety. Like naan, locals typically serve it with meat, vegetables, and herbs.

Seasonal Fresh Fruits

In Persian tradition, locals serve their guests with tea and fruit before meals. Dates and figs, which may be “exotic” in some countries, are standard side dishes in Iranian cuisine.

With its subtle yet contrasting flavors, Iranian food is perfect for adventurous palates in search of something new. If you want to try authentic Persian dishes, visit a Persian restaurant in Los Angeles and fall in love with the wonderful cuisine.