The Beginners’ 6-Step Guide to Wakeboarding

WakeboardingCombine the principles of skateboarding and the thrill of being towed behind a speeding motorboat and what do you have? Wakeboarding is one of the most fun and enjoyable water sports you can try in your lifetime. 

If you have not tried it yet, there are many lakeside resorts and wakeboard rentals in Jordanelle Reservoir and the rest of Utah for beginners. Like trying any new sport, and other water sports rental companies advice that you need to learn how to ride the wake. Here are some tricks to help you learn wakeboarding:

  • Make sure you learn and understand the different hand signals. As you'll be several meters behind a speeding watercraft, your only means of communication with the crew on the boat is the use of hand signals.
  • Always hold the handlebar with both hands with your knuckles on the topside. Make sure to keep the handlebar close to your hips, especially when you are about to move into or across the wake or even perform a maneuver or trick. If you are only enjoying the tow, then it is all right to extend your arms.
  • Start with a much shorter rope — typically not longer than 50 feet. This should allow you to get up and out of the water easier. Expect a number of wipeouts, but don’t let this dampen your spirit.
  • Start in a semi-crouched position as close to the board as possible until you have gained momentum. It takes time for you to find the correct balance, as you attempt to distribute your weight across the surface of your wakeboard.
  • Always coordinate with your boatman to start with a rather low speed to make you get used to the basics. Once you have gained an understanding of these fundamentals and you have gained confidence in your abilities, then you can go for faster speeds.
  • Don’t forget to have fun. Keep calm and stay relaxed. There will be wipeouts, but its all part of the learning process.

Wakeboarding is a fun way to have a great time in the water. Follow the tricks mentioned above to learn wakeboarding faster and easier.