The Benefits for Adults of Invisible Braces in Barnsley

Girl smiling with invisible brace

Girl smiling with invisible brace

Adults longing for straighter teeth may feel their time has passed. Only serious misalignments of the jaw are eligible for NHS treatment and only for those under 18. It’s ideal to treat misalignments young when the jaw is still growing and there is the best likelihood of success. And, even if someone was lucky enough to receive treatment as a teenager, teeth can drift, over time, back to their bad old ways.

Whether it’s the cost, the thought of wearing unsightly braces for months on end or the belief that it’s too late to make a change, adults facing a lifetime of uneven smiles could quite rightly feel a bit down in the dumps. The good news is, that due to advances in dental technology in the last 30 years, it is increasingly possible for adults to successfully, and discreetly, have their teeth straightened, with invisible braces in Barnsley, at surgeries such as PDC Dental. Treatment with these braces is quicker, and therefore cheaper, than with traditional braces.

There are different types of discreet braces, let’s take a look at three of them: Invisalign, lingual braces and Six Month Smiles.


These clear aligners are great if you want to stay out and about on the town in Barnsley. Invisible braces like these are not only discreet, but also removable, so you can even take them out for an hour or two for the odd special occasion. Invisalign uses clear, thin plastic aligners, which are similar to mouth guards, with pressure points inside, to gently nudge the teeth into position over 9-18 months (compared to up to two years for standard braces).

Lingual braces

These invisible braces in Barnsley fit to the back of the teeth and so are hidden from view. They are custom-made from gold alloy, and are similar in shape to traditional metal braces. And because they uniquely fit the profile of the teeth, the treatment time is a little shorter than the front-facing kind.

Six Month Smiles

These use the same technology as traditional braces but because they only work on the front six teeth, they can be effective in just six months. They are made from tooth-coloured materials and so blend into the teeth.