The Best Timber Floors for Your House

Timber Floor

Timber FloorTimber floors never fail to add a sense of classic elegance to a home. In Australia, timber floors can be seen in more homes than vinyl or any other type of flooring. If you want to have timber floors installed on your new house, you need to know that there are different types of timber swatches that you can choose from.

1. American White Oak

This is a type of domestic hardwood found in the forests North America. Many homeowners prefer this type among the many timber floors for their Perth homes because its whitish hue can give any room a brighter ambience. This would perfectly fit into your home if you have chosen a light theme for your decors, furniture, and appliances. The American White Oak is quite hardy and can withstand a lot of rough treatment with barely a noticeable scratch or dent.

2. French Oak

This is another type of light-hued hardwood, though it is often a bit darker than the American White Oak. French Oak has a more exotic look that is often reminiscent of the old colonial farmhouses. If your chosen home decor brings out the old-world glamour of Perth, timber floors made of French Oak would be the best choice to complement it. This flooring adds a sense of vibrant warmth to the house because of its uniquely worn appearance.

3. Tasmanian Oak

If you want to install timber floors in your home that is made of home-grown hardwood, the Tasmanian Oak is the best choice. This timber flooring bears the unique characteristic of having slightly pinkish hues running along its pale to white brown timber tint. It provides a neater appearance to the any room because its grains run in a straight line along the entire length of the wood. This is the perfect match for modern decors and furniture.

Regardless of the type of timber that you choose, there is no denying the fact that timber floors always add a sense of classic glamour to a house.

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