The Charm of Johannesburg: Why More People are Moving Here


JohannesburgSome people from around the world see Africa as the same continent it was decades ago – a vast land of native tribes and different animal species. Things have already taken a turn, though. South Africa, in particular, is developing and many find it interesting to move and live here.

Nonetheless, be mindful of the moving companies you will work with. The agents from African Furniture Removals say that reliable movers “make sure all of your belongings get to their destination safely” and “meet client needs efficiently and effectively”. Johannesburg, known as the City of Gold and the largest city in the country, is among the most coveted places to move into.

Like No Other Weather

One reason people love “Joburg” is because of its weather. It is sunny almost every day in the city and the heat is not unbearable. The air during the day is not humid and it cools down sufficiently at night that you do not have to use ACs. Plus, they have a short winter season that still has warm sunny days.

Taking it Slow

Western countries are known for the fast-paced life, compelling people to do a lot of things in a rush that causes stress and fatigue. In Johannesburg, you will learn to slow down a little bit and be relaxed in life. Living here will teach you to be more patient and to loosen up – two factors of a happy life.

Better for Your Kids

Johannesburg’s, undemanding type of lifestyle will be good for your children. Unlike in most countries, adults in South Africa let their kids be kids. They do not bury children in homework, enrol them in different kinds of extra-curricular activities and control almost their every move.

In Johannesburg, children spend quality time playing with other children, enjoying less restriction on the places they visit and things they play with. Instead of summer camps, they go on holidays with their families.

This list has yet to include the delicious food and, more essentially, wine in the city. These are just some of the things that make moving and living in Johannesburg or in other South African cities fairly ideal.


  1. Isn’t it that the crime rate in Johannesburg high? How can you enjoy these things if you’re always looking behind your shoulder? I just think the first and foremost factor you have to check is the safety of the place you’re moving into. Just my thoughts, though.

  2. Surely you have all watched a lot of movies set in Africa. With mostly plains and vast empty lands, the sunset and sunrise that create a spectrum of light is definitely a sight to see.

  3. I’ll be moving soon to Johannesburg because of work. At first I was worried the place won’t fit the life I’m living here in the U.S. But after reading this article, I felt a little less troubled now because there are good things to look forward to in the city. I just hope I’ll be safe throughout, given the alarming crime rate there. Nevertheless, I say I’m ready to move now.

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