The Evolution of Braces in St John’s Wood

Woman fitting invisalign

Woman fitting invisalign

Every industry seeks to better itself by coming up with innovative solutions to life’s issues.

This is how we get new inventions and ultra-convenient ways to enjoy life. The same is true of the dental industry. Some individuals and companies focus all their time and attention on improving specific dental techniques and equipment so that patients can benefit. This is true of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry and covers equipment like braces in St John’s Wood.

People often have certain expectations when they think about getting braces in St John’s Wood at a clinic like Aura Dental. A great practitioner will be able to uncover and unpack these thoughts during an initial phone call or consultation so that they can tailor their information flow to fit in with their patients’ needs.

What do people generally think of braces?

While someone may understand the positive benefits of a treatment like teeth straightening, they may not have the best associations with the process itself. Ask someone to come up with the words they associate with braces and they will often say, ‘uncomfortable’, ‘unsightly’, ‘slow to work’ or ‘painful’. All of these are understandable given the history of braces and what they used to look and feel like. A couple of decades ago, they were much more likely to be associated with the words ‘necessary evil’ than they are today.

What is the truth when it comes to modern braces?

In truth, today’s braces are often comfortable, discreet and fast-acting. There is still a place for fixed, metal braces but even with these methods, a dentist will still utilise much smaller or more delicate equipment than they used to. Some styles of teeth straightening equipment have transcended the need for fixed appliances altogether. Invisalign, for example, is a method that utilises clear, low-profile aligners that fit over the top of the teeth. The patient remains in control of this treatment and can remove their equipment at any time. Even though there are firm guidelines that cover the use of a method like this, the right patient still feels more relaxed and happy with the look and feel of their treatment.