The Many Faces of Law in The Business World

gavel inside the law office

Whether you are considering going to law school or looking for the assistance of a lawyer, there is a general confusion in the population as to what types of lawyers are there. A lot of people think that a lawyer is an expert in all fields of law, believing that one lawyer will be able to provide any legal services they need.

While theoretically, this is true because a lawyer is licensed to practice law, the field of law is so massive and all-encompassing that it made impossible for a single lawyer to effectively provide legal services across each different area of law.

Like doctors, where there are fields of expertise targeting a specific area of the body, specific age groups, and specific types of diseases, lawyers are almost the same. In this guide, we will discuss some of the law fields in the world of business and employment.

Business Lawyer

Business law entails a wide variety of fields. Accordingly, lawyers specializing in this branch usually deal with areas like intellectual property, business expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and employment issues. However, these lawyers can also choose to either focus solely on fundamental corporate legal tasks or provide extensive legal services for multiple business needs. In addition, these lawyers often have their own niche — some target small businesses and others cater to large-scale corporations.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are commercial lawyers and business litigation lawyers. These two types of business lawyers differ greatly. For instance, commercial lawyers in Townsville handle business transactions and negotiations, as well as draft documents and legal contracts. On the other hand, business litigation lawyers are tasked with managing your lawsuits, like in cases when your company is being sued for certain violations or offenses.

Labor Lawyer

Labor lawyers handle issues relating to employment and adhering to provisions stipulated in the labor code. They make sure that every business is complying with state and federal labour laws. Employment litigators are also the ones who go to court to argue when an employer violated the terms of an employment contract or state law. Some employment lawyers do both litigation and commercial work

Finance & Securities Lawyer

Finance and Securities lawyers only function in a very specific area of law. They only deal with issues related to banking and money, or to companies selling stocks. They can also help defend clients if the Internal Revenue Service or SEC files a complaint against a person or a corporation.

Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer

Planning to sell your company? You might need a mergers and acquisition lawyer. The buy and sell process of big companies can be a very long and difficult process with that a team of lawyers is needed. M&A lawyers are knowledgeable in finance and securities laws, as well as tax law, to make sure they structure the deals — the purchase or sale of their client’s company — correctly.

Tax Lawyer

tax lawyer in metting with clients

Lastly, tax lawyers, their job is usually to help businesses and individuals comply with state and federal laws when filing their income tax returns. However, as much as the F&S Lawyers a number of proportion of these lawyers actually practices and defend private individuals or businesses who face cases filed by the IRS. While some tax lawyers venture on estate planning or some work in the tax department of a large corporation.

There you have it. These are the many faces of Law and business in which you can contact whenever you need assistance with your legal matters. Make sure to hire the most suitable lawyer for your needs.