The Perfect Pearly Whites: What to Expect from Getting an Invisalign Treatment

Perfect Pearly Whites

Perfect Pearly WhitesInvisalign is capable of effectively treating a host of dental issues—from gapped to crooked teeth to more severe bite issues. While it was developed for treating jaw and bite problems, much like braces are— says Invisalign provides better comfort, is virtually invisible and is completely removable. Want to try Invisalign but are not sure if it will work for you? Check below to see the different conditions that can be treated with this option.

Open Bite

You have an open bite if your lower and upper teeth don’t touch. It can significantly affect your speech and chewing, and this must be fixed to prevent more severe issues, such as Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ).


Also known as overjet, you have this condition if your upper teeth bite over your lower teeth. This can result in gum irritation, uneven and gradual wear and tear of your teeth, and issues with your jaw.


This is a result of bone growth issues on your lower or upper jaw or if you don’t have upper teeth, which allows for your lower teeth to extend beyond your upper teeth. This can considerably affect the function of your molars and front teeth.

Gapped Teeth

Those with gapped teeth usually have missing teeth or a wider than normal jawbone. This can lead to chewing issues, shifting teeth due to an extra space in between teeth, and periodontal disease.


If your lower and upper jaws are misaligned, chances are you have a crossbite. This can result in gum disease, faster teeth deterioration, and in severe cases, bone loss.

Over Crowded Teeth

This usually occurs in people who have smaller than average mouths and jaws that can’t quite accommodate all their existing teeth. This can lead to crooked teeth, teeth eruption issues, and tooth decay due to difficulty when brushing and flossing.

Still not sure if you are the right candidate for an Invisalign treatment? Consult with an orthodontist to determine if Invisalign will work for your specific condition.

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