The Real Reason SEO is “Expensive”

Search Engine OptimizationProbably the most asked question regarding SEO (aside from what exactly is SEO) is “Why is it expensive?” To better answer this question, consider this first. Before the Internet boom, which was circa mid-90s, there were only several hundreds or thousands of websites, which means that it’s very easy to find them. Webmasters only had to include some keywords in their content and they’ll show up in search engines. 

Fast forward to the present, where multiple websites pop up every second, all at the mercy of ruthless search engine algorithms. Now you see how difficult it is for a website to be found — without SEO, that is.

Search Engine Ranking and SEO

Think of a new site as an app that you’ve already spent a ton or resources and money to develop. But then you launch it and find that no one’s downloading it. Why? Simple, because you failed to market and launch it properly that potential users don’t even know about it. The same goes for a new website. Think about this: how do you ensure that your target market finds your website? This is where SEO comes in.

Due to the sheer volume of new sites being created by the second, SEO has evolved into a standalone and specialized skill set, states Printibution, a marketing and SEO services specialist in Calgary. This means that ensuring that your site will stand out from your competitors’ sites and in your location requires experience and expertise. Below are some crucial things you have to understand and think about:

  • If you’re planning on optimizing your existing website, your entire content needs to evaluated for keyword placement and density, which means that there’s huge change that your content might need some editing or complete revisions.
  • Your keywords might not actually be the ones that your target audience is using and only competitive analysis and keyword research could determine this.
  • An SEO specialist knows all the right tools and tactics to figure out particular information required for a website to rank in SERPs.
  • An SEO campaign requires through measurement and analysis of its effectiveness to make certain that you’re utilizing the right strategies. This also includes periodic reports and updates.
  • Depending on the outcome of your SEO campaign, your site might need some adjustments or tweaks later on.

Performing (the right way!) all the above-mentioned things takes significant effort, time, and above all else expertise. And really, SEO isn’t actually expensive, but cost-effective, because you’re spending for something that will increase your conversion rate, hence, your profit in the long run.