The Rocks Ghost Tour: A Different Kind of Fun Night Out


operaThe Rock Ghost Tours is a recommended activity for tourists in Sydney, Australia for reasons that usual sightseeing guided tours are not.

The tour takes tourists to Sydney’s haunted past through a 2-hour walking tour around historic Rocks precinct. In a span of about 2 kilometres, lay hidden alleyways and cobblestone lanes that lead to the tour’s creepy destination points such as the ‘Dead House’ and the Harbour Bridge.

The journey begins at the harbour, where Sydney’s The Rocks accommodations are close, then through the Nurse Walk and The Rocks and into an old haunting house.


Every participant of this tour holds a lit-lantern to light up their way through the dark passageways, while a tour guide narrates and enact horrific stories that happened in the area. The energetic guide takes the enacting job seriously, and may request tourist participation in certain points of the tour. While the latter provides a room for some laughter, that makes the activity less creepy at the same time.

Place(s) of Interest

Other interesting stuff that tourists appreciate from this tour include the access to a local place not usually accessible to tourists, such as an underground excavation site, with the tour guide providing historical information. In this sense the tour is not only educational, but an eye opener as well.

The is a recommended trip for adults who are fit and can stand creepy settings because of the considerable long walk it requires. Prospective participants should be warned though that it is not some hardcore ghost hunting activity. In fact, there is just appropriate creepiness in the activity made more memorable with the tour guide’s theatrical presentation of the stories they retell.

Make sure to bring your camera. Who knows some spirits haunting the Opera House or dwelling in the area are in the mood to be captured in film!

This guided tour along The Rocks area can be made in solo or in group. Some do it first thing upon arrival in Sydney, while others choose to do it in their last night in the city. Either way many who tried this found it entertaining, giving them a night to remember as they go back to their accommodation.

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