The Skincare Luxury You Should Indulge In

The skin is one of the first parts of our body to show signs of aging. It protects us from the harmful rays of the sun and all other elements such as pollution, dirt and bacteria. Every time it is exposed to the sun and all these elements, it loses its youthfulness and vitality.

Our skin’s exposure to these elements also creates free radicals, which can damage healthy skin cells. Constant exposure and repeated damage to the skin cells will soon cause them to die. This is when the signs of aging start showing. Free radicals are best fought with powerful antioxidants, such as the coenzymeQ10 or CoQ10 or simply Q10

The Many Benefits of Q10 for Skincare

Being a powerful antioxidant, Q10 can stop the damage that free radicals can cause to the cells and tissues. It is proven to be beneficial when taken internally, but it also works great when applied topically. The sun is the principal cause of skin aging. The topical application of Q10 has shown remarkable effects in reducing and reversing skin damage caused by the sun.

With continuous use of skincare products containing this ingredient, one will notice the clearing of fine lines and improvement in appearance. The cells and skin fibers are also protected from further damage. Q10 is also known to assist healing of wounds aside from working wonders on skin rejuvenation and providing protection against aging.

Skincare Products With Q10

old woman with nice skin

As people get older, achieving younger-looking skin is a luxury that we can have at a price. Skincare products containing Q10, such as the Platinum Ultimate Cream from Kedma Cosmetics provides this luxury that many people covet. This product helps replenish worn-out resources of protective skin element–Q10.

It has antioxidant properties that fight free radical damage as well as environmental hazards, thus preventing premature aging of the skin. Q10 also boosts the production of collagen and accelerates cell renewal. A few applications of this cream will give you tighter and firmer skin with less visible fine lines and wrinkles.

The Platinum Ultimate Cream allows users to experience skin rejuvenation and youthful appearance. It is also enriched with vitamins and pearl powder to nurture the skin, enhance elasticity and make the skin appear even more radiant and smooth. It is made light for easy skin absorption. It should be used once or twice a day after application of the Platinum Silky Serum.

Growing Old Should Not Mean Looking Old

As people grow older, their skin also matures and become thinner. Depending on how much time you have spent under the sun and exposure to the elements you have received, there can be varying degrees of wrinkles and fine lines.

Fortunately, there are now a number of skin care products that helps reverse the signs of skin aging. Kedma have been making luxurious skin care products containing lush ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10, natural ingredients and the Dead Sea minerals. These, when combined together, can create a potent product that provides instant results. The skin is kept firm and supple and it is also protected against the intrinsic and extrinsic causes of skin aging.