The Thousand-Mile Blessing That is the Colorado River

Colorado River

Colorado RiverYou have to give it to the Colorado River. Few rivers stretch as long and are as useful. For one, it connects the most powerful nation in the world to Mexico, a valuable economic and social partner.

Just like other bodies of water that built civilizations, the Colorado River served the same purpose on this side of the world. Countless crops have grown because of the river, and lives continue to flourish. To top it all off, the mighty river is also the source of unequalled adventure.

Purveyor of Unmatched Fun

Many, however, has associated the Colorado with one thing: white-water rafting.

The rapids suit each individual’s needs, from the beginner adventurer to professional thrill-seekers. Colorado rafting has become a top tourist attraction, as per tour company American Adventure Expeditions. All you need is the right team to make your ride is as smooth as possible, if you’re just starting. Water has its inherent risks, so team rafting is more fun and safer.

Water of Life

Imagine a train that stretches a thousand miles and you would have catch a glimpse of how big the Colorado River is. Beyond its size, its economic value is unparalleled.

For starters, more than 30 million people depend on the Colorado for their water needs. Add 4 million acres of farmland dependent on it and you have one of the most important water bodies in the United States.

Because of all the fishing and increasing tourism activity generated because of the mighty Colorado, the economy benefits to the tune of 10 billion dollars annually. Imagine what happens if the river closes even for a day. That’s millions of dollars down the drain, not to mention an army of millions grumbling.

Colorado isn’t just the Mile-High state just because of its geographically high placing. It’s because the people and the state offers so much to the economy and all kinds of activities.