The Three Things You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep

Girl Sleeping in the bedYou don’t need to live in a five-star hotel to get a good night’s sleep. You don’t need to drink an expensive calming tea every night. Those dolphin noises? You can do without that, too. Getting some shut-eye need not be about the theatrics. It’s all about the basics.

The Right Temperature

If your room is too warm or too cold, you won’t be comfortable enough to sleep. One of the most important factors is setting the temperature to something cool or warm enough to help you sleep. This is typically within seven degrees of the actual temperature outside, so your body will not have a hard time adjusting to the temperature change. You also need queen size bamboo sheets and comfortable blankets from to complete the comfortable setup.

A Bed that Offers Full Support

You get a good sleep if you don’t wake up with aches and pains on certain areas of the body. You usually develop those pains if your bed does not offer full support (meaning your head and spine are not in alignment), such as if the bed is old, too firm, or too soft. Before you go mattress shopping, consider where your old mattress went wrong. If your previous mattress was too small, get a bigger one; if it was too firm, get a softer one.

A Dimly Lit Room

Blue light from your electronic devices may be contributing to poor sleep. Make sure you switch off your devices at least an hour before bedtime and that they are not within easy reach. When you find it hard to sleep, reaching for your phone to keep you company until you drift off is the worst idea. Dimly lit rooms do well to help you calm down enough to sleep, but silence also does wonders.

It doesn’t take much to get a good night’s sleep. Keeping bedtime a simple affair might just be what you need.