The “Trump Effect” on the U.S. and the Rest of the World

Donald Trump

The election of Donald Trump triggered massive upheavals in the U.S., the media, and the world. No president has had this much influence on American citizens, foreign countries, and the press as we know it.

The Great Divide

Democrats and Republicans have grown further apart not because of President Trump’s policies — but more of his personality and rhetoric. Democrats hate him. The hate has become so unreasonable that dating between parties is almost unthinkable and both parties need their own matchmaking apps. The President is evil, and everyone who supports him must be evil as well. Democrats would disagree on a Trump policy even if they supported it before — just for the sake of disagreeing. The smallest support for Trump will be seen as a betrayal of all things good. When Trump decided to pull out American troops from Syria, Democrat leaders said that it was a bad idea. So now the Democratic Party is the party that’s pro-war? This overwhelming hate against all things Trump has led to Republicans being called racists, misogynist, and homophobes. It has come to the point where Democrats will believe every negative story about Republicans and Republicans think that Democrats are crazy emotional snowflakes.

The Changing Face of News

An internet search for information on fake news

There was a time when news was news and opinions were opinions. Not anymore. Trump often calls mainstream media “fake news” and he has good reason to do so. Almost every news article or news report about Trump will be laced with opinion. Pundits in the guise of newsmakers rule the airwave, professing their own views as literal truth.

The Covington Catholic School kids’ coverage is an excellent example of the media pushing opinions as truth. Mainstream media jumped the gun and condemned the Covington teens, painting them as disrespectful, hostile, and racist. A recent Hill-HarrisX survey conducted last January revealed that 58 percent of all Americans believed that the media were now more likely to jump to conclusions than dig for facts. Republicans and Independents overwhelmingly think that the press would jump the gun with results of 82 percent and 60 percent respectively.

Failing Globalism

The European Union-led globalist movement was sweeping through Europe, but all of that was put to stop partly due to the election of Donald Trump. Trump’s win showed the world — especially political leaders — that there is nothing wrong with securing borders and putting your own citizens first. Trump is partly credited to the rise of nationalist leaders in the EU and the subsequent failure of the globalist initiative. Though Trump’s speech in the UN rejecting globalism and calling for patriotism was received with mocks and jeers by the media, the changing political face of the European Union reveals that his sentiments were mirrored by many.

President Trump is a very influential — and divisive — political figure. His policies and rhetoric have divided the American people and brought about widespread changes in the western world. Like him or hate him, none can deny that when Trump speaks, the world listens.