Things that Endear Travellers to Singapore


SingaporeSingapore has a myriad of attractions that endear locals and tourists alike. Here are some facts about the Lion City that endear travellers and make vacations worthwhile:


The site provides activities in Singapore, which include festivals. These are good ways to appreciate the country’s quirks. There is the Garden Festival that happens once every two years if you are a nature lover. The country celebrates festivals from different cultures, such as Chinese New Year, Vesak Day and Thaipusam. If you prefer novelties, see the festival in Sentosa in September where you can see busking acts from performers all over the world.

Things of the world

Thanks to Singapore’s multicultural policy, you’ll get to enjoy items from different cultures and nationalities. If you want to taste flavours from other parts, there’s an array of Chinese, Indian and Malay foods to choose from. Visit Little India, the Arab Quarter or China Town Centre for authentic souvenir items at affordable rates. Stroll the streets to see boutiques of well-known designers and people lining up for hours.

Recreational activities

Whether you’re going to Singapore with a family or a date, there are different recreational activities to suit their tastes. Universal Studios has different rides to suit people with mild, moderate to great appetite for adventure. Get rid of Singapore’s almost perpetual heat by swimming in Palawan or Tanjong Beach. Visit Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Macritchie Reservoir Park to get a glimpse of the local wildlife.


You won’t be left wanting for entertainment in Singapore, especially at night. The nightlife scene is what makes it distinct. Nightclubs and bars are all over the country to try out. Enjoy the live music and the VIP lounges. Wherever you go, you’ll always find places that suit your taste and budget.

Singapore has many attractions just waiting for discovery. You will end up missing the best parts this country has to offer if you do not know where to go. Visit these places to make the most of your trip to the Little Red Dot.

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