Things to Bring: Surviving Your First Short-Term Stay


ApartmentsTravelling to unfamiliar places can be a little disorienting if you don’t have anyone to help you out or if it is your first time to travel there. Staying in a hotel is the typical option for newbie travellers but if you choose to have a short term stay at an apartment for lease, then you are one tough newbie.

However, there are requirements when staying over even when the length of the stay is short. Check out this essential list of things to take with you on your first short-term accommodation in Perth.

Travel and Personal Documents

You’d most likely need to bring your documentation to avoid what could possibly be a rejection or a long waiting time to finalise your lease arrangements. Walk-in bookings can be a little hairy for these kinds of leases if it is peak season for hotels and other small accommodations, so bringing other personal items to prove your identity, other than your passport, would really help.

If you feel that your security can be compromised with your papers readily available, why not set up a means to access your profile securely online?

Chargers for All Gadgets

Everybody wants to remain online for your business or personal life, so you’re going to spend a lot of your time on either your phone or laptop. And of course, let’s not forget about cellular phones which we use to call family and friends.

Not all hotels are equipped with charging stations and they might not be able to lend you a charger specifically for your device. Therefore, it’s smart thinking to carry not only charger cords to fit each device, but also a power bank in case you’re in an area without power or are on the road and need a quick boost.

Local Currency

This isn’t always an issue with people living across town or in the other part of the country. However, if you’re doing some country hopping, it’s best to have things converted to whatever works locally. And if you already have converted bills, it’s still a good idea to bring spare change and small bills to avoid handing over something they have no change for. This is also a precautionary means to avoid getting scoped by local troublemakers. Smaller change is easier to conceal and you can pay exact amounts depending on your purchases.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, by yourself or with company, the most important thing to do when travelling is to bring the necessities. Other than enough clothes to cycle through, these three items will serve you well wherever you go during your short lease stay in Perth. So pack up, travel safe and don’t forget to enjoy yourself during your stay – no matter how short it is.