Think Outside (the Box): Ways to Improve and Maintain Your Restaurant’s Exterior

outdoor and indoor restaurant view

Food is always good business; whether it’s for mere sustenance or indulgence, people will always want to eat good food. In the food business, there are two types of restaurants: the Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) which are mainly “fast food,” and the Full Service Restaurants (FSRs) which are mainly sit-down food establishments with table service and may also provide delivery and/or takeout.

Today, we’ll be focusing more on the latter, which relies heavily on the quality, quantity, and price of its food as well as its interior facilities. However, it’s just as important for restaurants to give attention to its exterior features as well. As such, we’ll be taking a look outside and find ways to improve your restaurant’s exterior:

Adding Shade

Awnings and other shades provide many uses and benefits. First off, it protects your customers from rain and shine; imagine being a hungry pedestrian who gets caught in the rain, you’d probably want to rush to the nearest shade, and if that shade is attached to a restaurant, you’re more likely to eat there. Additionally, it helps keep sunlight away from your windows and walls, effectively cooling the interior of your restaurant. Lastly, awnings and other forms of shades can effectively improve your restaurant’s curb appeal — provided that it’s well-incorporated to your restaurant’s design and style.

Going Green

One way to spruce up your restaurant’s exterior is by adding some plants, making it look more attractive and welcoming. You can use something as simple as window boxes to add some green and warmth, potted plants (on the ground or hanging ones), or even a small garden.

Better Lighting

Good lighting is important for almost any establishment. As such, make sure that you have enough lighting in the exterior and also to not overdo it. Make use of functional (lighting for sidewalks and parking lots) as well as ambient (softer and more atmosphere-building) lights to your restaurant.

Exterior Maintenance and Cleaning

clean restaurant interiorIt’s quite possible that you already have a good façade and exterior features for your restaurant, but over time, it may not be in as good a shape as it used to be. Many profiting restaurants would opt to preserve their restaurant’s interior and exterior as they feel that it’s part of their signature, and makes it easier for potential customers to identify the restaurant from online photos and social media. While that’s all good, it’s still important to regularly clean and maintain the exterior and keep it in top shape.

Front Door and Entryways. These two features are often the most used and abused areas of the restaurant with all the traffic going in and out. As such, it’s important to clean and maintain the door and entryway and watch out for any dents, scratches, and other damages that need to be repaired or repainted. It’s also advisable to add kick plates, as the bottom of the door is very susceptible to dents, scuffs, and scratches.

Sidewalk and Parking Lot. Sidewalks and parking lots are designed to take a lot of punishment, but eventually, they may start chipping or develop potholes which aren’t only unattractive but pose a major tripping hazard (and a potential lawsuit). So make sure that your sidewalks and parking lots are free from any cracks, chips, and other issues — ask your property owner if you’re renting or call a concrete contractor to have it fixed and leveled.

Greenery and Garden. Many establishments use plants as a way to improve their property’s exterior through window boxes, potted plants, miniature gardens, to full-on landscaped areas, all of which needs to regularly maintained through watering, weeding, and trimming. You could have an employee with a green thumb tend to your restaurant’s outdoor plants, or for those with patios and large garden features, it’s best to hire local businesses offering commercial landscaping services in South Boston to maintain and perhaps even improve it further.


There are many other ways you can improve your restaurant, but it’s also just as important that you properly maintain these improvements and keep them in shape. So, the next time you’re able, take a stroll outside your restaurant and see which improvements you can make and what needs to be repaired.