Three Outstanding Straw Cowboy Hat Designs That Are Superb For Summer

Elderly Man Wearing A Straw Hat While Holding A Basket Of Produce

Elderly Man Wearing A Straw Hat While Holding A Basket Of ProduceCowboy straw hats are stylish, and anyone wearing them will be perceived to be fashion forward and in touch with the ever-changing fashion trends. For this reason, most people will not feel ashamed to wear their hats even after the summer heat is gone.

When checking out the straw cowboy hats for sale this season from companies like A.A. Callister, there are a few factors you should consider. Start by taking note of the heat index and the fashion statement you want to make. Then consider the summer adventure you are looking forward to and choose an occasion appropriate for a cowboy straw hat.

If you have pulled out your old hats from the closet, and they are simply not as appealing as they used to be, below are outstanding straw cowboy hat ideas that are a must-have this season.

Bull Hide Pure Country Cowboy Straw Hat

This type of hat has a wire-edged brim. It is flexible and perfect for those days when you opt to spend time at the beach. The wired borders will allow you to shape your hat into any design that matches your style or even your mood of the day. The best part is that packing it away will not mess up its shape and appeal, regardless of how you choose to store it.

Baytown Cowboy Straw Hat

Keeping your head cool during the summer is important. There are ways of doing so while making impressive fashion statements at the same time. The Baytown cowboy straw hats are well ventilated and excellent for maritime adventures. They are designed to keep the harmful rays of the sun away from your face while letting the cool breeze blow your hair at the same time.

River Oaks Cowboy Straw Hat

If you are planning for a ranch adventure, you can never go wrong with a River Oaks cowboy straw hat. The design prevents dirt from becoming visible on the hat, no matter how dusty the day is. It also contains a breathable sweatband to keep the sweat off your face and eyes.