Three Zones Your Garage Should Have

Three Zones Your Garage Should Have

If there would be one area in the house that tops the list of underutilised rooms, it would be the garage. There’s plenty of storage space there, yet it’s almost always not maximised. Admit it or not, the problem is the way you organise stuff.

When you just dump things here, there, everywhere, you will soon realise there’s not enough room anymore for dumping. But when you’re intentional in organising things, you will see that there’s a lot more space than you actually expect.

The smartest and easiest way to organise stuff in your garage is to designate zones. This way, it will not be too much of a hassle when you retrieve stuff and put them back.

Grab-and-Go Zone

This should be the space closest to the door, the stairs, or the area where you access your garage from the house. Everything you put in here are the items you take with you when you leave home. So, keep those everyday shoes, umbrella, coat, or dog’s leash near your door.

The idea here is convenience. The easier it will be to grab everyday stuff, the better. As for the ‘organisers’, use hanging hooks and shelves. Racks are good to keep your jackets and parka neatly arranged. Keep the pathway clear. Place non-slip mats to prevent accidents when you’re in a hurry grabbing items.

Need-It-Always Zone

Ideally, this should also be near the door. This consists of items you use every day, such as cleaning supplies, pet food, or recyclables. If your kitchen pantry is filled to the brim already, for instance, you can transfer some of the paper towels, canned goods, and snacks in this space.

But it’s important to keep these items in cabinets so that they’re safe from ants, cockroaches, or rats. If you have a lot of things to store in this section, think vertical in terms of storage. You may be missing a lot of potential space overhead. Make your own cabinets, so you can customise it to the length of your walls.

Hobby Zone

Your spouse may be into fishing, and perhaps has fishing rods and a bunch of hooks, sinkers, swivels, and all those tiny tools. These could easily clutter your garage when not organised. Not to mention the trip and fall hazards. So, dedicate a space for these ‘toys’.

A combination of shelves, racks, and hooks is what you need. Install them near the garage door, so when you forget something as you back the truck up outside, you can quickly come back for it.

Do make sure to have a regular check-up of your garage door. Cairns-based service technicians say you should have a professional over at least once a year to lubricate areas, tighten bolts and screws, and adjust the spring tension to make sure your doors are well functioning.

Again, the easiest way to make your garage space nice and neat is to divide it up into zones. Dedicate spaces for items you use every day, frequently, and whenever you want.