Tiny Houses: 4 Major Benefits

A small house

A small houseThe tiny house movement started rather small but has now turned into a kind of housing revolution. The movement has spread across continents and throughout the United States. Now it has reached the great state of Minnesota. In fact, just last year, a couple who owns a vast 80-acre land nearby Mille Lacs has turned their property into some kind of a tiny house commune. It won’t be long before this movement inches closer to big cities such as the capital, Minneapolis, custom home builders point out. As to why this trend has prospered, here are four reasons.

1. Cost

Compared to traditional houses, tiny houses are cheaper to build. This is obviously because you will need fewer resources and lesser labor. Depending on whether you choose to do-it-yourself or hire custom home builders, these houses can be had between $500 and $23,000. You also pay lower taxes on these houses.

2. Versatility

When it comes to tiny houses, versatility could mean either in terms of style or location. As for the former, all traditional house styles you could imagine could be downsized into something tiny, which means your options are far from limited. In terms of the latter, you can actually build a mobile tiny house you can take with you anywhere you wish to go.

3. Energy savings

Tiny houses are known energy savers. Living in them will allow you to considerably reduce your utility bills by up to 37%. This covers both electricity and water usage.

4.     Smaller carbon footprint

Living in a tiny house is you doing Mother Nature a huge favor. While traditional houses’ annual CO2 output is at 28,000 pounds, tiny houses only result to approximately 2000 pounds of CO2.

Tiny houses are not for everyone. But if you are the kind who values functionality over size, and could not care less about status, this housing trend could very well be what you have been waiting for.