Tips to Keep Pests out of the Garden Shed

A house shed with some gardening toolsYour shed can be considered a home for your gardening tools and equipment. Even though you do not use that room as often as other rooms in the house, you should keep away pests. There are certain mistakes that most shed owners make unknowingly, inviting bugs into the shed. Below are some tips to help you keep the bugs away, as revealed by one of the top garden shed manufacturers, Cedar Shed.

Strictly no garbage in the shed

Garbage attracts bugs such as moths and flies. If you store your garbage cans in the shed, you are just inviting different insects into your shed. Once you have flies in the shed, they will eventually start laying eggs and cause bigger problems. If you do not keep your shed clean and well taken care of you will have a large population of spiders as well.

Tightly sealed containers

Storing certain containers in the shed is normal. Many people choose to store bags of grains or grass seeds in the shed. If you want to store anything in containers, make sure that they are well sealed. When bugs can smell anything in the shed, they will find a way inside the bag or container. If it is impossible to seal the bags, you can keep them in airtight containers.

Be the exterminator

Even if you are very careful, you will always find that some bugs manage to get into the shed anyway. If you find yourself in such a situation, use bait and traps. It would be a good idea to spray insecticide around the base of your garden shed. Ask your garden shed manufacturers if there are any products that you should not use.

Finally, simple cleanliness goes a long way. Before you store any tools, ensure they are clean. Having dirt on the tools can attract insects and pests into the shed.