Too Much Stuff for Too Little? Organising a Small Home

small home

small homeToo much stuff but too little space?

Some might resort to searching for new homes online or adding an extra room for their extra clutter. Fortunately, the answer need not lie with buying a bigger home. Truth is, even small houses can look as organised and welcoming as larger homes., provider of small lot house plans in Brisbane, believes that small homes are capable of holding much. It might seem impossible but the answer lies with proper storage techniques. Here are cost-effective ways to maximise storage at home:

Say Goodbye to Old Things

The best way to start maximising storage is by getting rid of broken or old things that you no longer use at home. This will give you more room to store other possessions while cleaning your home in the process. No need to make your guests uncomfortable with all that clutter during house parties.

The Necessity of Ceiling- or Wall-Mounted Hooks

Mounting hooks on the walls or ceiling will make an area more functional and space-efficient. For example, an entry way with wall-mounted hooks will give you an area to hang your coat or bag right away when you need to rush to the toilet. The same technique can be used to hang pots and pans in the kitchen and save space.

Yes to Cabinets and Drawers

Cabinets and drawers serve two purposes: storage and room decor. In fact, by using the right design, size, and paint colour, you can find furniture that matches your interiors. Wall-mounted cabinets are a popular choice today because they can be placed just about anywhere. In addition to drawers and kitchen counters, centre and side also provide space for storage.

Using Storage Containers and Baskets

Storage containers and baskets come in all shapes and sizes that they are more than just plain storage but also nice decorative pieces. Get small storage containers to keep food, accessories, medications, and other small items at home organised. Other everyday items like scissors and pens can be kept in baskets. Big storage boxes are great for keeping your kids’ toys, books, and other larger items.

There should be no problems with storage in small homes when things are properly organised. Consider using cabinets and drawers, hooks, and even multi-purpose furniture to maximise space at home. Get help from contractors of small lot house plans in Brisbane for storage ideas to make the most of your small home.