Top 3 Best Places for River Rafting in Colorado

River RaftingThere are 158 rivers with given names in the State of Colorado. The four major rivers are Arkansas River, Colorado River, South Platte River, and Rio Grande. There are numerous streams and lakes as well. Colorado is famous throughout the world for whitewater rafting, having some of the most breathtaking, turbulent, and exhilarating whitewater in the world. 

Here are three of Colorado’s best river rafting destinations.

Royal Gorge

Near Cañon City, Colorado is North America’s highest suspension bridge — the Royal Gorge Bridge, which is situated one thousand feet above the Arkansas River. This manmade structure spans the walls of the Royal Gorge. The narrowing rock walls on either side of the river offer some of the most exciting rafting trips anywhere in the world. There are sections of the Royal Gorge only serious rafters must attempt to traverse.

Royal Gorge and Arkansas River rafting guides steer adrenaline junkies expertly through class IV-V rapids, which are not for the faint of heart. If you want to experience heart-stopping plunges, then this is the whitewater destination for you.

Bighorn Sheep Canyon

Not everyone who seeks out a whitewater rafting experience is prepared to paddle through turbulent waters. If you are vacationing in Colorado with the family, then you can enjoy class III rapids. These parts of the river are not as difficult to maneuver as class IV, V, and VI rapids. They are not easy rapids like those classified as class II. You will encounter high, irregular waves and experience the excitement of whitewater rafting. In this section of the river, you can bring children for the biggest adventure of their young lives.

Gunnison Gorge

Gunnison Gorge offers a wide range of difficulty levels, from class II to IV rapids. It is ideal overnight destination since the area offers not just rapids, but plenty of opportunities to explore wildlife and immerse in stunning scenery.

Are you already preparing a whitewater vacation itinerary? Think about it. You already have three amazing choices to consider.