Top 4 Reasons to Move to Altona

Movers unloading the van

Movers unloading the vanIf you’re working in Melbourne and looking for a place to settle, Altona might be the home you have in mind. Here are the alluring points of this suburb:

1. Proximity to the City

Located 13 kilometres southwest of Melbourne’s Central Business District, Altona makes for an excellent residential community for people who want a place where they can easily commute to work yet not so near so they can enjoy time away from city noise. Of course, it helps that there are three railway stations here.

2. Affordable Homes

Melbourne’s skyrocketing real estate prices can be such a downside for any family looking to settle here. This suburb is a great alternative because of its relatively affordable properties. If you look close and long enough, you’ll see land packages for sale around Altona, Melbourne that suit your budget.

3. Country Feels

Expansive shorelines, vast conservation areas and wetlands, as well as a number of parks, lakes and open spaces, are some of the winning points of this suburb. Some places of interest are Altona Beach, Cherry Lake, Truganina Coastal Parklands and Altona Coastal Park. You can easily fill your weekends with activities like swimming, kite surfing and jet skiing.

4. Nice Community

This suburb has its own culture to boot. It has the Altona Beach Festival, Bayside Festival, trendy cafes, and then there’s the Altona City Theatre, which produces two musicals every year. It’s a quiet neighbourhood with a rich art scene. What’s not to love?

Moving and settling to another neighbourhood is such a momentous decision to make. So it’s best not to take anyone’s word for it, come down here, and take a look for yourself. Just some words of caution though: Prepare to fall in love with the place just like so many others before you.