Top SEO Trends that Chiropractors Need to Adopt

Specialist working on the SEO strategy

Specialist working on the SEO strategy

The most successful Arizonian chiropractors in 2018 follow and adopt SEO trends, and the status quo isn’t going to change in the coming years. If you’re wondering why you’re struggling to generate new leads, your online marketing strategy might need some CPR.

For starters, any reliable chiropractic SEO company in Arizona will say that these practices have been trending for years without showing signs of losing relevance:

Be Mobile-friendly

If your website still doesn’t adjust to mobile devices, the time is ripe for a web design overhaul. The ability of your pages to automatically modify itself to match the size and scope of smartphones and tablets can vastly improve the user experience. Not only will visitors love browsing through your site; Google will also incentivize your practice with higher rankings in the search engine results page.

Clients of small companies, particularly millennials, are now using smartphones at each point of their journey to interact with your business. Nearly 50 percent of all American consumers rely on mobile devices to access commercial services for real estate, health care, and more. Furthermore, 80 percent of customers use smartphones to buy products online. Unfortunately, business efficiency on the Internet has become disappointing. For example, standard conversion percentages are significantly lower on mobile devices than on desktop computers. This contributes to a considerably lower level of customer engagement.

Fortunately, small business owners can do several things to enhance the way their websites are seen and used on smartphones and other mobile devices. Efficient page production has six dimensions: content, conversion, and usability, speed, searchability, and responsiveness. When you evaluate your website’s current mobile experience, you can use this checklist and identify openings for performance optimization.

Provide Quick Answers

Google’s Quick Answers is an opportunity to reach the top of the SERPs organically without needing to be ranked number one. This snippet box aims to provide instant answers to specific queries to help save users time to find what they’re looking for. Being able to provide the best answers to all-too-common questions can boost your practice’s discoverability.

To succeed, observe brevity and mobile friendliness. How-to guides, lists, or video tutorials with well-structured content can send your message across quickly. While the Quick Answers snippet box has limited space, interested readers will simply go to your website to learn more.

Optimize for Spoken Queries

Man using voice search technologyVoice search is becoming more and more common. In 2017, almost 20 of total searches on Google were made via speech. The continuous rise of virtual assistants is the driving force behind this phenomenon.

Although it’s challenging to produce text-based content to answer speech-generated queries, writing in a conversational tone can do the trick. Also, use long-tail keywords with geotargeting in mind to appeal to local searchers who seek specific information.

In the end, these are only three of the many practices that you should apply to your SEO strategy to witness organic website traffic growth, and experience lead generation. Don’t pretend to be an expert; work with a seasoned marketer who specifically serves chiropractors to help step up your online marketing.