Top Two Home Energy Saving Tips


Home renovations should always involve energy efficiency upgrades? Don’t know where to start? Read on to learn the top two ways to save energy at home.



About 38 percent of Australian homes devote much of their energy consumption to cooling and heating. With energy costs continuously rising, there has never been a better time to insulate your home. Quality roof insulation makes good ventilation possible. It’s important for year-round comfort, as it prevents heat from moving through.

For many families in Brisbane, insulation is the most cost effective way to make their home more energy efficient, as it can reduce cooling and heating bills by 40 percent. Good roof insulation not only reduces condensation, it also reduces the likelihood of dampness and mould.

There is a range of ventilation products in Australia. Whether you buy roof insulation from Austral Insulation, an air conditioner from LG, or a portable heater from Home Care, you should seek assistance to know what type of product suits your home.


You can save over 500 KWh of electricity each year simply by using energy efficient compact fluorescent globes instead of incandescent bulbs. You may also use fluorescent lighting wherever possible.

Doing more with less energy doesn’t only protect your wallet, but also your home. If these two mean anything to you, then keep these simple tips in mind.