Tourism 2020: The Advantage of Australia

summer and beach

summer and beachAustralia is a country with infinite possibilities. With its secure and stable economy, it is not surprising to see businesses booming in its vast cities. It is possible to bring in growth by investing in the industry and choosing the right sector to support.

What makes investment in the country so attractive is the support of the Australian Government in the growth of tourism under a new policy called Tourism 2020. This is a joint industry-government strategy to increase the country’s overnight visitor expenditure. Because of this, the Australian Government is encouraging investment in the industry as a priority under the policy program.

Increase Competitiveness

The Government, along with the Australian Trade Commission and Tourism Australia, will offer advice and facilitation services to local and global investors. The main aim of the policy is to enhance competitiveness of the tourism industry by focusing on strategic areas to grow demand from Asia, increase supply of labour, build competitive digital capability and build industry resilience.

Making the Right Move

Investors from the country and around the globe should see this as an opportunity to make a move. There are many tourism investment opportunities to choose from such as accommodations, casinos, luxury resorts and theme parks. Motel brokers from suggest choosing the right property that the investor is passionate about or is interested in handling.

Support in the Industry

A world-class training and education sector, skilled workforce and highly efficient tourism infrastructure support the country’s advantages as a tourist destination. Tourism 2020 also supports the investment by working to increase the supply of labour, enhance the skill of the existing workforce, provide quality products and services, and expand aviation capacity.

Investing in Australia makes good sense not just because of its economic strength. Its social and technological advantages, along with a new tourism policy, are what make it one of best investment destinations in the world.  The country, furthermore, is located in the world’s strongest performing tourism region.