Transforming How the Teeth Look

a woman with perfectly white teethThere is a comprehensive treatment for people who are dissatisfied with the way their teeth look in Elsternwick: smile makeovers. At Melbourne dentists like mysmileclinic, this treatment uses a combination of cosmetic dental techniques to transform the patient’s smile from something they want to hide into something they’re happy to show to the world.

Variety of applications

Smile makeovers in Elsternwick are chosen by people for many different reasons. Their teeth could be discoloured by staining from fizzy drinks or smoking. There might be gaps between the teeth where they ought to meet, or their edges may be chipped from injury or deterioration. Dental crowding may have given the teeth unsightly while also making them difficult to clean. All of these factors and more, when combined, can lead to the need for a smile makeover.

A combination of techniques

Several techniques are used by dentists performing smile makeovers in Elsternwick. A dental veneer might be used to correct the appearance of a single chipped tooth. Made from durable and thin porcelain or composite material, and precisely shaped for a comfortable fit, the veneer is applied to the tooth’s enamel surface using a powerful bonding gel.

Teeth whitening lightens the shade of the enamel. It can remove discolouration and leave teeth looking bright and fresh. Sometimes this treatment can be mostly carried out by the patient at home.

For misaligned bites or teeth that are in unsatisfactory positions, braces or aligners can be used. These modern dental appliances are often made from discreetly-coloured materials, minimising disruption to the patient’s appearance while treatment is in progress.

Smiling futures

These are just some of the techniques that may be used to deliver smile makeovers in Elsternwick. In conversation with the dentist, the patient will set out what they want to achieve, and discover the most appropriate method of achieving it. Not all treatments are suitable for everybody. Some of the methods are relatively quick, while others, like realignment, can take many months to produce their long-lasting benefits. Once all the work is completed, however, the patient’s brilliant smile will last for many years.