Travelling Europe on a Budget

Travelling EuropeTravelling Europe seems expensive for many because of its elegance, culture and world-renowned sights. Touring this continent, however, can be light on the pocket, especially if you know where to look and what to visit. Make your Euro dream happen without spending much through these five thrifty ways.

Visit Off-Season

The months between October and April are the busiest in Europe. Avoid visiting during this period to get cheaper airfare, find more budget rooms and spend less time in lines. Big cities such as London, Paris and Rome are interesting any time of the year; plan most of your travels here.

Use International Sim Cards

International sim cards allow you to call multiple countries without having to worry about costly returns. It is advisable to purchase a Europe sim card like UK Prepaid Sim Card that can connect to Austria, France, Italy and other well-known destinations so you won’t have to spend on expensive phone calls, even if you travel somewhere else.

Take Advantage of Rail Passes

Rail passes can offer huge savings, especially if you are travelling a lot. Short trips and point-to-point tickets are definitely cheaper than hailing a taxi or booking a local flight. Travelling by train is also a great way to appreciate the landscapes of Europe.

Pay with Cash, not Credit Cards

Credit card rates differ in every country, which is why it is advisable to pay for items and services in cash. Other than preventing expensive card interests, paying in cash also allows you to track your expenses on a daily basis. Just be careful of pickpockets and only carry the amount you need.

Shop and Dine Locally

Flea markets and department stores usually offer the cheapest deals on food, art, souvenir and clothing. Small businesses such as family-run patisseries and local cafes typically provide discounts for tourists, too. Ask locals for recommendations and remember to haggle when purchasing in a local stall.

Travelling Europe on a budget is easy, especially when you plan ahead of time. Turn your European adventure into a one-of-a-kind journey by saving money, meeting locals and accumulating history lessons along the way.