Trenchless Sewer Replacement: What Are Your Options?

Broken sewage pipeWhether you like it or not, the sewer will need fixing one day.

Luckily, there is always a solution.

If you suddenly found yourself facing a sewer problem, just ask the experts for help. Once they confirm that yours does need replacement, this is where the research comes in. Shopping for estimates from different providers in Salt Lake City won’t be enough because the contractors also have to conduct an extensive assessment of your sewer’s condition. This way, they can determine if trenchless sewer lines are right for you.

After the evaluation,that does not mean the research should stop. It pays to know what your options are. Fortunately, Salt Lake City has numerous trenchless sewer solutions for the troubled homeowner. Consider the following main processes of trenchless technologies.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method that consists of breaking your old sewer line to replace it with a new one and pulling it in its path. This technique is beneficial to property owners that have hardscaping or landscaping on their premises. It will still preserve your yard and leave it unscathed.

Pipe Lining

Pipelining is another trenchless procedure that permits the creation of a new pipe in your already-existing broken pipe. Hired professionals start the method by utilizing a felt material, which is drenched in epoxy resin. The team will then cure this resin and leave an entirely new pipe inside the broken drain. This process functions perfectly for cast iron drains with missing pipe, cracks or holes in the bottom. Pipelining is very robust and it can offer you several years of problem-free use.

Pipe Coating

When your tree roots disturb the plumbing, this is another solution. Pipe coating is a trenchless process that includes the application of epoxy resin inside the drain. If your tree roots pierced through the drain and caused its damage, pipe coating can fix it and seal up the broken part without the need to dig.

Every the process of trenchless technology has its own limitations and benefits. Discuss with your contractor to determine which would be best for the condition of your sewer.