Trending Activities in Sentosa, Singapore

little boy in cable car to Sentosa, SingaporeIn Singapore, there is a beautiful island resort known as Sentosa. The country is Asia’s leading leisure destination, hence why the resort has the nickname “The State of Fun.” If this excites you, a Sentosa annual pass will give you the chance to enjoy the place again and again!

Here are a few suggestions that would make you want to add visiting Sentosa to your bucket list.

1. AJ Hackett Skybridge

The bridge crosses between two towers at 50 metres above the ground. It is very safe and secure, so anyone who wishes to face their fear of heights could go to this attraction.

It is also a good option for those who are not up for bungee jumping just yet. It is also the perfect option for thrill seekers who want to warm up for more extreme activities.

2. Sentosa Line

If you want to see the sites and views but would like a bit of a thrill, then this ride is perfect for you. The Sentosa Line is a cable car that will take you on a relaxing journey up high. You will be able to look down at the luscious green jungle and beautiful sandy beaches of Singapore in a safe ride.

3. Asian Cuisine

Singaporean cuisine is something that no one should miss out on. Sentosa is a great place for foodies to go and explore the flavours of Asia. It is home to an Asian Dinner Buffet that is sure to delight anyone’s taste palette. It is especially great for those who have adventurous taste buds.

If you are planning on taking a trip to have a great time and take a break from the stress of the world, Sentosa should be one of your first options. There is something for everybody to enjoy.