Types of Bricks in Masonry Constructions

Brick Masonry ConstructionBricks are among the most popular construction materials worldwide. Though once only used for pavements and roads, it is now widely used in the construction sector. This is mainly due to its strength, porosity, wear resistance, sound attenuation, insulation and renowned durability.

Even with all these advantages of bricks in construction, they are among the cheapest building materials in the market. This makes bricks one of the routinely recommended construction materials by masonry contractors in Fresno, CA.

Here are the different bricks used in masonry:

Burnt Clay Bricks

These are the most common bricks in masonry. They are created by pressing in a mold then drying and firing in a kiln.  They have a characteristic reddish color and commonly have different shapes. Burnt clay bricks are hence widely used in constructions which require rendering or plastering to create a uniform shape after construction.

Sand-Lime Bricks

These bricks are a mixture of fly ash, lime, and sand wet mixed through various chemical processes before the brick is molded under pressure. Sand-lime bricks have a characteristic grayish color rather than the conventional reddish brown. They have a uniform shape and hence have a smooth finish which does not require plastering. They have excellent strength and are used in load-bearing constructions.

Engineering Bricks

These are manufactured at very high temperatures creating strong, dense bricks. Engineering bricks have excellent weight bearing, chemical resistance, and damp-proof properties. They are more costly compared to regular bricks and are hence used for projects which require considerable strength.

Concrete bricks created from solid concrete are common among many property owners. Their sheer strength, aesthetic appearance, and low cost make them ideal for fences and facades. They can be pigmented to various colors during production making them fit a wide array of surroundings and landscape. Cownose, bullnose, coping and channel bricks are the various types based on their shape or geometry.