UK Couples Are Getting Married in Barns: Here’s Why

wedding in a barn

wedding in a barnThe Barn is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Tunbridge Wells in Kent for a reason: more UK couples prefer to get married in, where else, a barn!

Why Are They Saying I Dos in a Barn?

In a 2018 wedding survey, about 28% of the couples had their ceremony and reception in a barn. Another study by the North Yorkshire Moors Railway revealed at least 13% also preferred this venue.

Weddings in the UK are not cheap. In 2018, the average costs already reached more than £32,000. A significant chunk of it went towards the location. With this budget, shouldn’t they pick something more, say, elegant or luxurious such as a hotel, garden, or beach?

There are many reasons:

1. More Couples Want a Civil Wedding

Over the years, more couples choose civil weddings over religious ceremonies. From 2012 to 2013, the former declined by almost 6.5%. This is despite the fact the total number of marriages performed increased by nearly 2% within the same period. Civil ceremonies went up to 70% in 2013 when it used to be only 64% in 2001.

The popularity of civil weddings may be due to their non-affiliation to any religion. A UK survey revealed 50% of the population does not adhere to Anglican, Roman Catholicism, or even Islam. Fewer than 5% of the adults below 24 years old follow the Anglican faith.

2. Rustic Chic Is Becoming a Popular Theme

Many couples, especially millennials, are saying goodbye to tradition. Instead, they opt for something unique or cosy for their wedding day. Because of this, rustic chic is now a theme trend.

Rustic chic denotes homeliness and a laid-back atmosphere. It fits the growing need for couples just to have fun during their wedding.

What else suits the theme than a barn? Couples like it so much they are willing to replicate it in any venue.

Just because it’s a barn doesn’t mean it’s dirt cheap. Weddings, overall, are getting costlier. But the intimacy, fun, and unique experience couples get from the venue make it worth the price.