Understanding Sexual Assault Penalties and Sentences in Texas

Sexual Assault

Sexual AssaultSexual assault is a serious criminal violation. It’s the act of committing any kind and number of sexual activities intentionally and knowingly without consent from the victim. Each state and the federal government has their own laws concerning this matter, so you may find some differences on how cases proceed and how the guilty receives their sentence.

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Sexual Assault Penalty and Sentence in Texas

The 22nd chapter of the Penal Code states that:

  • A sexual assault sentence will have defendants face at least two to 20 years of jail time or a fine that can range up to $10,000. While sexual assaults are a second degree felony, the court may elevate it to a first degree felony depending on the circumstances. The sentence is more severe with five to 99 years of jail time or a fine of up to $10,000.
  • An aggravated sexual assault, on the other hand, is no doubt a first degree felony. The defendant may face at least 25 years of jail time, especially if the victim is six years old or younger. This also applies if the victim is younger than 14 years old and was seriously hurt due to a deadly weapon or the use of drugs. In fact, even displaying a deadly weapon to impose fear on the victim can be an offense. If the defendant tried to kill the victim, then further charges may apply.

The court examines different factors when deciding the terms of a sentence, like the defendant’s criminal history or the severity of the crime. These also include their acceptance of the responsibility if they’re to receive severe punishment.

If you’re accused of sexual assault, it’s best to know what you can do to defend yourself. This is to make sure that the jury won’t find it easy to slap you with a guilty sentence.