Unresponsive PDA Screens: What Can You Do?

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woman using phone and laptopPersonal digital assistants (PDAs) are among the most versatile devices nowadays. A typical PDA is a handheld device which you can use as a web browser, fax sender, personal organizer, and cellular phone. Most devices are pen-based, though a few might have a keyboard for their input when the PDA’s screen is unresponsive. The pen-based devices use a stylus for their input.

Most people who consider themselves tech-savvy would rather fiddle with different elements which might have contributed to an unresponsive screen rather than get a PDA repair expert. This option will unfortunately almost always cause damage to other components of your PDA even if the screen is ‘’fixed’’ for a few days. The following are a few issues which might contribute to an unresponsive PDA screen and require an expert’s knowledge to diagnose and fix.


Your PDA’s touch screen operates by sensing which part of the screen you have touched with the stylus and acting appropriately. Proper device calibration is essential to make sure that it registers the correct action based on the area on the screen you touch. Calibration issues will cause incorrect operations or unresponsiveness to touch. These can be fixed by recalibrating your device from a computer-based tool or peripheral.


Touch screens are prone to damage due to their frequent close contact with your skin and various materials. The damage caused by these will affect your PDA’s accuracy and prevent visibility of some portions of your screen. Moreover, the skin and materials can scratch the stylus and cause damage. The scratches to your PDA’s screen and the stylus will both contribute to the unresponsiveness of your device’s screen.

Grease and Dirt

Even the most protected PDA touch screens are prone to the accumulation of grease and grime. If left uncleaned, this dirt will also affect the internal components of your device. The primary issue which causes a non-responsive PDA screen is the accumulation of foreign material on it. There are specific cloth types used for cleaning PDA screens, but getting a regular professional cleaning is essential to keep your screen in good working condition.

Issues with Operating Systems

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Errors in registering the input in PDA devices due to system and operation issues are standard in older devices. This is because a device’s calibration will falter over time and become erratic or slow. Refreshing your device’s system and recalibrating it might fix the issue but if your hardware starts failing, a replacement of the PDA is your ideal alternative.

The above issues might seem easy enough to fix with the right software, and there are numerous types of the same available online for free. The software touted as the best for fixing unresponsive PDA screen issues is, however, the leading contributor to complete PDA failure. In other cases, the software has been linked to the bugs and security breaches which affect some devices.

An expert can fix all of these PDA issues. A PDA is one of the most expensive devices most people own and contains sensitive information. Do not leave it to just anyone to fix; get only a certified expert.